A Navy Spouse That Wants To Be Your Helping Hand

Permanent Change of Storing is owned and founded by Christa Curtis – That’s me!

I have a passion for all things organization, and I believe in the peace that being organized can bring to anyone. I have been organizing for friends and family for many years, and now, with Permanent Change of Storing, I am sharing my delight in helping other military spouses and families lead a more organized and stress-free life.


I had never dreamed of being a military spouse

After graduating San Diego State University in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, I was soon married and starting a family with my husband Neil, an officer in the U.S. Navy. I had never dreamed of being a military spouse, but I was excited for everything the future could hold for us. I am grateful for the triumphs and challenges I have been able to learn from living all around the world.


From San Diego to Viginia Beach...

San Diego - Virginia Beach - Yokosuka, Japan - Manama, Bahrain - Puget Sound - Newport, Rhode Island - Stuttgart, Germany – Busan, South Korea – each place has been a vastly different and rewarding experience, but they all have one thing in common: me and my family. Wherever the Navy sends the Curtis family, it has been my task to make the new house a home. I arrange the furniture just right, hang all the pictures up on the walls, maybe roll out a new area rug or two, and most importantly, I give all of the household goods a new home. With each transition, I have become confident in my organizational skills, both personally and professionally.


An Organized Mom

As a new mother, I learned a fantastic organization method from Stacey Crew in her book, The Organized Mom. This method has made each of my family’s intercontinental changes easier and easier as I master it, and tailor it to the new house, as well as my family’s lifestyle, needs, and personalities. As my family has grown, I have also been able to learn and adapt to methods from other organization-inspired books, articles, blogs, and TV shows. Yes, even the flawless Marie Kondo has given me a few golden nuggets of wisdom. Additionally, I am a ClutterBug™ Certified Organizational Specialist. All this continued input ensures I can customize the organization journey for each of my clients.

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My services are available to all - my life-experience makes me the best answer to the woes of military families

What we do: The answer on all sides of a Permanent Change of Station

A permanent change to the way you store your treasured items brings relief before and after your move, as well as at any time while living in yet another temporary home. I will help you organize your items just in time to box them up, to help you decide on a meaningful place for everything when you move-in, and to discern the best way to stow your items. A way that is functional for your own everyday use, practical for packing up, and easy to re-place in a new space. I will also help you eliminate the excess and learn how to thoughtfully invite new items into your valuable square-footage.

I will evaluate your needs and coach you in the best styles and habits to fit your personality and the lifestyle your family loves. Beyond the military move, I want to inspire and assist you with reorganization through all types of transitions – be it a marriage, new baby, grown children moving out, or even a new job – every change is exciting and probably challenging, yet easier when an organized mindset is applied.

My nomadic lifestyle, over twelve years of motherhood, grouped with a combined seventeen years of jobs and volunteer work where my talent for organization flourished, have allowed me to focus on my true passion: a love for being organized and helping others reach their organization goals. And so, it is my goal as your Organizing Professional to discover and tailor the best method(s) to suit your needs and lifestyle, so that you can quickly absorb it and let organization lead you to a more peaceful way of life


Permanent Change of Storing is working to better the quality of the military lifestyle, through the achievement of a more organized state of home and life, before and after a PCS, as well as many of life’s other changes.

Through home organization services, organization coaching, educational content, resource connections, along with support and accountability, our effort is to see all military families value their personal property, live peaceably in their homes, enjoy their everyday productivity and special activities, appreciate their current locale, and feel more satisfied in their military lifestyle.

In short, we want to increase peace overall for as many military families as possible.



Permanent Change of Storing is a trusted leader in organization services, education, and resources for the military family life with relation to managing household goods and home operations.

Permanent Change of Storing is a valuable connector to other military and PCS related assets, as well as other professional organizers. Our community synergy keeps us united and collaborative.

Permanent Change of Storing works to subjectively train and motivate the military family as they create each new home to be physically comfortable and systematically functional. For each member of our audience, there is a scaled solution that fits the logical, favors the senses, and honors the soul.

Bathroom organization



An organized frame of mind is the most effective path to finding peace and satisfaction with your household goods, your home, your current duty station, and the military lifestyle. We will bring the information, creativity, and support – the client or customer brings the mindset and work ethic to cultivate the change and grow in their confidence to replicate the process.



There is no one-size-fits-all
organization solution

Each military family is different, and each life event they experience is distinctive. Permanent Change of Storing is committed to being creative, fluid, and dynamic to the uniqueness of every individual we help.

A military lifestyle, or life in general, many things can lead to clutter

Our promise is to offer solutions that will increase peace and efficiency, while remaining respectful to individual values. We will never instruct you to dispose of anything you are not ready to let go.

We do not discriminate

Our commitment to helping all military families means our services and resources will remain accessible and valuable to everyone regardless of rank, income, gender, race, lifestyle, or religion. 

Nothing we market will become clutter for you

Physical product offerings and recommendations will be 100% beneficial to your organized military lifestyle. Likewise, digital offerings are differentiated to the best way you learn and to your current needs. 

Privacy is sacred

Life and home are very personal, even in the temporary places. No one will face judgement from Permanent Change of Storing for any personal choices or the state of their home. We are here to help.

Are you looking for a permanent change? Start today!

A free consultation will get you on the path to the perfect solution for your family.


Organization Services and Resources for Military Families founded by Christa Curtis, Navy Spouse.