Who I am

Just a Navy spouse that wants to help you

Permanent Change of Storing is owned and founded by Christa Curtis – That’s me! I have an animated passion for all things organization, and I thoroughly believe in the peace that being organized can bring to anyone. I have been organizing for friends and family for many years, and now, with Permanent Change of Storing, I am sharing my delight in helping others lead a more organized and stress-free life.

After graduating San Diego State University in 2008, where I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, I was soon married and starting a family with my husband Neil, an officer in the U.S. Navy. I had never dreamed of being a military spouse, but I was excited for everything the future could hold for us – and I am incredibly grateful for the triumphs and challenges I have been able to learn from, with particular regard to living all around the world.

From San Diego to Virginia Beach, from Yokosuka, Japan to Manama, Bahrain, from Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest to the beach of the New England Coast, and now residing in Stuttgart, Germany – each place has been a very different and very rewarding experience, but they all have one thing in common: me and my family. Wherever the Navy sends the Curtis family, it has been my task to make the new house a home. I arrange the furniture just right, hang all of the pictures up on the walls, maybe roll out a new area rug or two, and most importantly, I give all of the household goods a new home. With each transition, I have become increasingly confident in my organizational skills, both personally and professionally.

I have worked and volunteered in administrative settings where my talent for organization flourished, and have over 10 years of retail sales, direct sales, and customer service experience. Alongside a thriving side-business as a Thirty-One Gifts consultant, I have now focused onto my true passion: a love for being organized and helping others reach their organization goals.

When I was a new mother, I learned a fantastic organization method from Stacey Crew in her book, The Organized Mom. This method has made each of my family’s intercontinental changes easier and easier as I master it, and tailor it to the new house, as well as my family’s lifestyle, needs, and personalities. As my family has grown, I have also been able to learn and adapt to methods from other organization-inspired books, articles, blogs, and TV shows. Yes, even the flawless Marie Kondo has given me a few golden nuggets of wisdom. It is my goal as your Organizing Professional to discover and tailor the best method(s) to suit your needs and lifestyle, so that you can quickly absorb it and let it lead you to a more peaceful way of life.

Christa Curtis

Founder, Owner, Chief Organizer

What I do

Your helping hand through any change

My services are available to all that wish to be more organized, yet I find my life-experience lends itself to make me incredibly well-suited to be the answer to the woes of military families when it comes to their household goods (HHG). As an answer on all sides of a Permanent Change of Station (PCS), I preach that a permanent change to the way you store your treasured items brings relief before and after your move, as well as any point in time while living in yet another temporary home. I am here to help you organize your items just in time to pack them up, to help you decide on a meaningful place for everything when you move-in, and to discern the best ways to stow your items that is functional for everyday use, practical for packing up, and easy to re-place in a new space. Additionally, I am here to help you eliminate the excess and learn how to thoughtfully invite new items into your valuable square-footage.

My charge is to meticulously evaluate your needs and coach you in the best styles and habits to fit your personality and the lifestyle your family loves. Beyond the military move, I want to inspire and assist you with reorganization through all types of transitions – be it a marriage, new baby, grown children moving out, or even a new job – every change is exciting and probably challenging, yet easier when an organized mindset is applied.